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The Care your VW deserves

Your Volkswagen is conceived with technologies at the pinnacle of car design and precision engineering. Although, built to last, there is a certain amount of upkeep that your car deserves. The time your Volkswagen requires in-between services is 1 year/15,000 kms*. Periodic scheduling based on your odometer reading is something your car does by itself. Your dashboard will light up, when it thinks it’s time for a VW service. As part of standard operations, we follow an exhaustive checklist each time your car comes in.

Convenient and Cost effective service intervals

*Whichever is earlier
At Volkswagen, our reputation for reliability is complemented by the quality of service we offer. We help you make the most out of your maintenance programs that are considered to be best-in-class.

Multi-point Inspection

Typically, the scope of work required in a service could be consumables, wear and tear, electrical or mechanical parts. The multi-point inspection presents a detailed report on the powertrain, brakes, suspension, tires, all the way down to hoses, gaskets and even wiper blades.

Oil Change

Fundamentally an essential routine service consumable. High-grade and 100% Synthetic Oil as recommended by Volkswagen will ensure the longevity of your engine. Timely oil changes also result in a smoother and more efficient driving experience.


Brake discs and pads are wear and tear items. Prolonged enthusiastic drives or driving in extreme conditions can pose an additional burden on the braking components. The pads and discs tend to wear off resulting in brake fade. It is prudent to trust your vehicles stopping power only with Genuine VW Parts.

Tire Check

The only contact patch between the road surface and your car are the tires. The wear and tear nature of rubber warrants close examination of tread wear pattern, tread-depth and condition of tire sidewall. Be it rotation and wheel alignment or tire replacement, VW service is equipped to keep your car on the road, literally.

Battery Check

Bringing your VW to life – starting it up, and a host of electronic safety and convenience features owe their optimum functioning to a healthy battery. Only a Genuine VW battery is engineered to handle the electronic demands of your Volkswagen. Periodic maintenance ensures checks at every stage in the life of your battery and recommends a change as and when required.

Wiper Check

Even the wiper blades in your VW are ergonomically designed for superior wiping quality and performance. These blades are the perfect fit for the curvature of the windshield with improved wear resistance. This item is changed at every service.

Pollen Filter

The primary function of the pollen filter is to regulate the air quality on the inside your car. Odd odours and an unclean interior are tell-tale signs for a replacement. The Genuine VW filters are designed to filter out 99% of dust particles down to 0.5 microns to ensure fresh air recirculation in the cabin.

Air Filter

The air filter ensures smooth, non-contaminated airflow for your engine. The filter design is model specific to fit inside the intake housing. Blocked airflow has a direct adverse effect on the fuel economy and longevity of the engine. You may be due an air filter change if your car is running a bit rough or has increased idling speeds.

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